Instructional Materials
  • Instructional materials have been reviewed by district instructional materials reviewers and have been determined to align with all applicable state standards pursuant to s. 1003.41 and the requirements in s. 1006.31.
  • If parents wish to review their children's instructional materials, they can request access from school administration.
  • The school district will make available, upon request for public inspection, sample copies of all instructional materials that have been purchased by the school board.
  • For detailed information, Lafayette School Board policy outlines curriculum and instruction processes.  Policies can be reviewed at

Human Sexual Health Education Curriculum
Florida House Bill 1739 which became law on June 29, 1990, mandated all counties to offer a comprehensive health curriculum dealing with the aspects of human sexuality. 

This curriculum reflects a commitment to support parents and the family as well as influence the development of positive, healthy behaviors. The lessons are designed to foster positive self-concept, self-respect, responsible relationships, as well as avoidance of high-risk behaviors. Lessons and activities are developmentally appropriate and include appropriate terminology, anatomical functions, as well as situational awareness. 

The health curriculum used by Lafayette County School District:

A.C.Green's Game Plan Abstinence Program
Published by Project Reality


Parents should contact their student's school adminstration if they wish to preview the materials. 

Any student whose parent makes written request to the school principal shall be exempted from the teaching of reporductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS, it symptom, development, and treatment as requested.
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