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Since the Florida Transparency Act was signed into law in 2009, the Florida legislature has undertaken several initiatives to make information about government finances, including School District finances, transparent to the public. Below are links to data and tools you can use to gain a fuller understanding of the District's finances in relation to those of other school Districts and government agencies:

FLDOE Value Added Model
NEFEC Fiscal Transparency Tool

The FLDOE developed Florida's Value-Added Model (VAM) as a tool to use in measuring the impact schools and teachers have on their students' learning growth.

FLDOE Transparency Reports

This site provides access to reports that each school district in Florida must provide to the FLDOE, including: Program Cost Reports, Annual Financial Reports, and School District Budgets for every school District in Florida.

Florida School Accountability Reports

This link will take you to the FLDOE's School Grades Report Cards (and historic data in School Public Accountability Reports). School Grades are intended to provide an easily understandable way to measure the performance of a school and how well each school is serving its students. Schools are graded A, B, C, D, or F.

Transparency Florida

The Transparency Florida website provides information on every appropriation found in the General Appropriation Act for each branch of state government and state agency. The data includes expenditures, appropriations adjustments, the status of spending authority for each appropriation, and position and rate information on state employees.

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