Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed for your child is much more than a piece of paper. It represents a collective agreement between you the parent, and the school (as well as other involved parties), in the development and implementation of specific educational services designed to benefit your child.  

The IEP is a critical element of Exceptional Student Education. Because of its importance, we have put together a number of pages of information that should help you better understand the parent/school partnership, everyone's roles and expectations. Developing quality Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) is a team effort that involves the parents, teachers and support staff.

Developing Quality Individual Educational Plans, A Guide for Instructional Personnel and Families - View the PDF Here.

ESY: What's the IDEA Behind Extended School Year Services for Students with Disabilities? explains what Extended School Year is all about.

Understanding the Florida Alternate Assessment and Your Child's Scores

Information related to the transition of a student with disabilities from school to adult life is available in Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Families.

Getting Ready for Your Child's IEP Meeting is another document that parents may find helpful in preparing for IEP conferences.
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